Free Style: The Vent Machine “An Open Letter to my Students”

"An Open Letter to my Students" As the kids would say, it's been a minute. I have started three blog posts, idling in my drafts, ready to be taken across the finish line. Yet, as my day started, its revealed itself to be a free for all kind of post day. As the title of my… Continue reading Free Style: The Vent Machine “An Open Letter to my Students”

Schnapsidee: It’s the Wine Talking

The translation can be dodgy. Alike my high school students, using google translator can result in an all too literal definition. Schnapsidee: Crackpot idea, usually when inebriated. One can only wonder if that is where the coined term for schnapps rooted from. The ingredients to my schnapsidee are red wine, some trash tv, a solid… Continue reading Schnapsidee: It’s the Wine Talking