Self Discovery Vs. Mental Health: The Great Divide

Mental health is a huge trigger word right now in our world. It's gaining traction, rightfully so, but sometimes in a way that deflects any true self discovery. Before you get all analytical on that statement just try to read with an open mind. I am reading this book right now, Untamed. Yes I know… Continue reading Self Discovery Vs. Mental Health: The Great Divide

Self Discovery: No One Ever Tells You How Not To Sh*t the Bed.

Okay, so the title is a little messy and maybe prompts too literal of a visual for some. I use this title to express the vastness of perspective that our world carries. I am too often dragged through the mud of the first world, usually by my own doing. I tend to be anxious for… Continue reading Self Discovery: No One Ever Tells You How Not To Sh*t the Bed.

Boxed Wine: The Most Underrated Gem of our Lifetime

People tend to equate good wine with price. I'm sure they are not wrong, HOWEVER, I am a frugal, well I tend to prefer the term thrifty. I find my most bang for my buck, with highest alcohol content, without drinking grape juice. You still with me? Have I lost you in the sea of… Continue reading Boxed Wine: The Most Underrated Gem of our Lifetime

The Results are in: You are Malignant

Whether intended or not, you've been someone's toxic person they needed to leave behind. If you take a moment to revel in your life, you probably have what I call the graduation goggles on -- all the negative times of the event you are moving away from fall away and your brain only lets you… Continue reading The Results are in: You are Malignant

Schnapsidee: It’s the Wine Talking

The translation can be dodgy. Alike my high school students, using google translator can result in an all too literal definition. Schnapsidee: Crackpot idea, usually when inebriated. One can only wonder if that is where the coined term for schnapps rooted from. The ingredients to my schnapsidee are red wine, some trash tv, a solid… Continue reading Schnapsidee: It’s the Wine Talking

Layogenic: Do we Actually Hoard Regret?

Funny word, Layogenic. German is a cool language, they have words to depict sayings not just a single entity. This specific term is defined as "person seems attractive from afar but not close up". You may be wondering how this term got me to the topic of regret. I just read this article on… Continue reading Layogenic: Do we Actually Hoard Regret?