Life: Quite the Conundrum of time–Take the Trash Out.

A declaration to my children: I often think of past times. Who doesn't? Its a story book constantly on play; some moments shining, while others dark, making you cover your eyes with your hands hoping to not see anything through the cracks. I have been alive for 30 years. Many others fewer, or more. Regardless… Continue reading Life: Quite the Conundrum of time–Take the Trash Out.

Boxed Wine: The Most Underrated Gem of our Lifetime

People tend to equate good wine with price. I'm sure they are not wrong, HOWEVER, I am a frugal, well I tend to prefer the term thrifty. I find my most bang for my buck, with highest alcohol content, without drinking grape juice. You still with me? Have I lost you in the sea of… Continue reading Boxed Wine: The Most Underrated Gem of our Lifetime

Eat the Taco: Who Cares Who’s Watching

Full disclosure: some may not like what I have to say, that is okay! the moment you do feel that, stop reading and move on with out any further thought. Sometimes we get caught up in what could be, what we think should be, giving nothing to what actually is. Placing all of our energy… Continue reading Eat the Taco: Who Cares Who’s Watching

The Results are in: You are Malignant

Whether intended or not, you've been someone's toxic person they needed to leave behind. If you take a moment to revel in your life, you probably have what I call the graduation goggles on -- all the negative times of the event you are moving away from fall away and your brain only lets you… Continue reading The Results are in: You are Malignant

The Trouble with Love is: “I did more” Round Robin

Full Disclosure: My husband is a rockstar-- He cleans better than I do, always has our house in the right century, and has better style than me on my best day. He is what we call the whole package. So when I write about relationships you best believe that I'm just being petty... no just… Continue reading The Trouble with Love is: “I did more” Round Robin

Free Style: The Vent Machine “An Open Letter to my Students”

"An Open Letter to my Students" As the kids would say, it's been a minute. I have started three blog posts, idling in my drafts, ready to be taken across the finish line. Yet, as my day started, its revealed itself to be a free for all kind of post day. As the title of my… Continue reading Free Style: The Vent Machine “An Open Letter to my Students”

Schnapsidee: It’s the Wine Talking

The translation can be dodgy. Alike my high school students, using google translator can result in an all too literal definition. Schnapsidee: Crackpot idea, usually when inebriated. One can only wonder if that is where the coined term for schnapps rooted from. The ingredients to my schnapsidee are red wine, some trash tv, a solid… Continue reading Schnapsidee: It’s the Wine Talking

Layogenic: Do we Actually Hoard Regret?

Funny word, Layogenic. German is a cool language, they have words to depict sayings not just a single entity. This specific term is defined as "person seems attractive from afar but not close up". You may be wondering how this term got me to the topic of regret. I just read this article on… Continue reading Layogenic: Do we Actually Hoard Regret?