Schnapsidee: It’s the Wine Talking

The translation can be dodgy. Alike my high school students, using google translator can result in an all too literal definition. Schnapsidee: Crackpot idea, usually when inebriated. One can only wonder if that is where the coined term for schnapps rooted from. The ingredients to my schnapsidee are red wine, some trash tv, a solid… Continue reading Schnapsidee: It’s the Wine Talking

Layogenic: Do we Actually Hoard Regret?

Funny word, Layogenic. German is a cool language, they have words to depict sayings not just a single entity. This specific term is defined as "person seems attractive from afar but not close up". You may be wondering how this term got me to the topic of regret. I just read this article on… Continue reading Layogenic: Do we Actually Hoard Regret?

My Heart Speaks for You: out of the Abyss

As I break through the darkĀ barriers of two sick children and no sleep, I felt a strong obligation to the world. Sometimes I get thisĀ intense connection to the public. I feel for anyone struggling quietly through a broken marriage, or a kid who sits in class and succumbs to the challenge that is math, thinking… Continue reading My Heart Speaks for You: out of the Abyss