Boxed Wine: The Most Underrated Gem of our Lifetime

People tend to equate good wine with price. I’m sure they are not wrong, HOWEVER, I am a frugal, well I tend to prefer the term thrifty. I find my most bang for my buck, with highest alcohol content, without drinking grape juice. You still with me? Have I lost you in the sea of grapes? - Memes - Me trying to find the cheapest wine with the highest  percentage

Okay what am I getting at here:

Most days, well I should say Now-a-days; I have a hard time recognizing my self. Six years of teaching high school, three kids in three years, four dogs (may one rest her sweet angel soul in peace), two moves later, you can say I’ve changed. I am worn, not like a holey pair of jeans, but like a good book you keep coming back to and find yourself reading new parts you didn’t catch before. I have wrinkles that tell stories if you really listen, creases that no cream can salvage because their depths have been deeply rooted with agenda. My soul, however, has not mirrored the erosion of my appearance; rather, it has grown, with vibrant hues, lush with fragrance that now attracts only certain kind, an abyss that isn’t black and unknown but bright and sagacious; it’s as if I have been found, although I didn’t think I was on a rescue journey.

Really good wines tend to sprout, and fulfill their potential, with time. At least that is what I’ve been told at my local wineries as I’m buying yet another bottle of who knows what because to me its all good. Pinot: Good. Blanc: Good. Cab: GOOD! Oh this is your new brand your owner is trying to out, Sign. Me. Up. Luckily my partner in crime for this life, equally loves wine and a good time. I do not know how my cards landed with such an amazing draw for the husband round; he is my best friend. Let me tell you, no better way to uphold a life than with someone you have equal bouts of passion and friendship with. Hand to god. I mean that. We are able to fight; not scream yell and be ugly but say what we need to, and genuinely move on as the best of oldest friends do, and still have a level of intimacy I hope everyone can experience in their life.

I have seen this parallel to my life; the older I get, the finer I am.

Like Fine Wine I get Better with Age" Postcard by ColorFlowArt | Redbubble

But for real.

There’s a charm to getting older, you are wiser for not losing all the ages you have been. You are drenched in experience, more boldness as the years pursue you, with hints of knowing better, and aromas that cheer to a culture of your own.

You see the parallel yet? The outside doesn’t tell the full story but may draw you in– your look attracts the audience, your soul picks the players to be up on stage.

Which brings me to my title of the blog: Boxed wine.

It’s cardboard attire keeps the turned up noses at bay, while allowing the ones who have covered scars to stretch their pockets. I am team boxed wine, the outside is impressionable, its your story. How you perceive it, well, it’s yours. And by golly, does it offer a ton of what it’s got on the inside: it is the ultimate giver of life, shall I dare say.

Your story is yours, that is not going to stop how other people perceive it. I am the poster child for that statement. My mistakes are a plenty, but they are mine to bear. They are mine to value and trash; decide what I will use to grow and what I will use as a party trick and good story. Do not let people tell you there is a one way track to being a fine wine; Cork is the worst way to save wine’s essence yet, the most expensive bottles can’t seem to wrap their heads around a twist top because of tradition. Be pandoras box of wine; the bag is the best way to preserve it’s beautiful grape contents, and allows for people to access better quality without sparing a notable amount of their paycheck.

I guess what I am really saying is Switzerland has it figure out. Be like Switzerland.

BetterTastingWine | Wine Quotes, Wine Jokes, Wine Humor

At the end of the day, wine brings us all to a place; this place can be happy, dark, joyous, distraught, whatever this place is, it’s yours. It’s yours for the taking, to decide; what phase or chapter of life are you in, what souls with be on your stage, how will you fare? These questions are essential, not to your audience, but to you. Let your outside be vulnerable, malleable the way that cardboard is, so your soul can attract the right people to carry out your time sensitive script. Not all players will remain through multiple scenes and be main characters in all your acts, but they will never be forgotten nor weakened in their time served.

You are in control of your own story. You decide what has happened, and how it matters.

In Vino Veritas “In wine there is truth”

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