My Heart Speaks for You: out of the Abyss

As I break through the dark barriers of two sick children and no sleep, I felt a strong obligation to the world. Sometimes I get this intense connection to the public. I feel for anyone struggling quietly through a broken marriage, or a kid who sits in class and succumbs to the challenge that is math, thinking he isn’t worth the knowledge, I feel the dog that sits in the shelter and only knows bars and four corners as life, I feel for the mom who is working two jobs and putting what she can on lay away to give the action of opening gifts. My heart speaks so loudly on these days, you can’t ignore it.

I, often, think we forget the prosperity of life. I don’t just mean “good fortune” I mean the well-being, the mindset of prosperous, in all things big or small. We are overly exposed to every little adversity, painting a picture of “we all are doomed”, we forget the martyrs fighting for our youth, working for our future, the local business owner giving their community service, or the unconditional love of our faithful four legged friend. By forgetting, we remove ourselves from the fight, we end up unintentionally not participating in the good, isolating our brains from the potential prosper of our life.

It looks like this: You are mindlessly scrolling and trolling through your facebook feed to come across a horrific tale of a two year old getting wrapped in his blanket and strangled to death. — god forbid, I can’t even imagine, even typing those words gives me physical pain– however, this is a unique time. Rewind a decade and if this little boy wasn’t living in your neck of the woods, it would not make your local news station. We have the luxury and burden of constant news exposing us to the rare occurrences among the 2.27 billion active users sharing their isolated tragedies as a warning. We see these stories and think it can happen to us. We believe it is going to happen to us. 

 Because of this over stimulation, we live on reactions. We embark on a journey of auto-pilot, letting fear of seldom be the driver. This is a perfect concoction for intense anxiety if I’ve ever seen one. We wonder why the younger generations bred into this age of technology can’t handle emotions, rejection and crave instant gratification 24/7. We are feeding their reward system with over exploitation, much like giving an unknowing diabetic toddler access to a buffet of candy and cake every day.  

This yields to more doctors visits, quick fixes because who wants to see their child suffer. But in turn, we are removing ourselves from the good fight. Again, being complacent with quick solutions, tears down our foundation of grit. If we can’t  demonstrate grit as parents, how can our biggest imitators be expected to?

You know my son, the one who can handle conflict better than most grown ass adults? When I pull the Swiffer out to clean, he runs to get his broom. He proceeds to follow me at every turn, pushing his broom in the Swiffer trail I’ve made. I go under the couch you better believe my son goes hard and sweeps under the damn couch! Okay, Swiffer done, time to put away and get out the vacuum. Without skipping a beat my son runs to PUT AWAY his broom, runs clear across the living room to his play room like a little lightning bolt, to grab his miniature dyson — which by the way, actually suctions, a moms dream– and carries on accordingly, following me to every piece of fabric I can get this vacuum on. Its this mimicry we take for granted. I, with little effort, just by doing my due diligences, am teaching my son to take care of things he owns, to respect his surroundings. Its more than just keeping our shit clean, its the act of responsibility AND ENJOYING IT!

With this, what I am trying to say is, we forget how easy it is to revel in the small victories, the daily wins. We focus so much on what we need to get or have, we truly remove ourselves from what we already have, and what we already have is great. WE ARE ALIVE! Any day above ground is a win, a second chance to fight, another day to make a statement. Lets put the phones down, and just be. Throw a dance party by yourself, pick up the cutlery and make a creative dish, sit down and write about the grievances or success of your day, put those shoes on from the back of your closet and hit the pavement, read a f****** book! Don’t disservice the mom working until midnight every night to give her son a paw patrol toy on Christmas morning, don’t let the dog sitting in his concrete quarters survive in vain, breathe life to your day, give everything you’ve got, give, give, and give some more. Giving up wears many masks, don’t be fooled by the mirror, wake up and show up. You’re here for a short time, Do what you can with what you got. Be the fortune you wish for, and then you will realize, you’ve been prosperous all along.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”- Albus Dumbledore

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